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MANICURE MUSE: Custo Barcelona AW’12

“It’s a fusion of colors, graphics and materials,” said Custo Dalmau of his eclectic Fall collection. There was no shortage of everything under the sun. The collection included fringe, fur, sequins, prints, lame and leather (say that three times fast), but somehow it all worked. Eye-popping color radiated off the models, who were an after-thought to the clothes. Shown here is my favorite look from the show. 

To recreate, I used Case Study by Essie, Royal by Love & Beauty, Blingtastic Gem Crush by Sally Hansen, and White and Black by Color Club.

To get these Ladyfingers:

1. Start with a taupe colored base

2. Apply a line of metallic blue down the center of your nail

3. Once dry, layer blue glitter on top of the blue line

4. Using a white nail art brush, draw two lines on either side of your nail 

5. Using a black nail art brush, apply two small diagonal lines on either side of the blue connecting to the white vertical lines

6. Fill in a small amount of black at the very top on either side of the blue

7. Top it off with Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat 


Do it how YOU want to !!!!

Okay so I seriously freaking hate when people tell you that you have to do things this way or that way or that you’re doing it wrong. There are many ways to do things and everyone has the choice to do it however they feel and whatever works best for them. Your life and the things your choose to do is totally up to you. Life is your canvas paint it how you want to with no fear and no reservations because if you’re going through this life doing things for someone else and you’re not happy then I’m sorry but you are one sad individual. 

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